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The Bund was founded by three good friends who shares a passion for the love of authentic Shanghainese cuisine from China. Many Americans don’t realize that Shanghainese cuisine is more than just soup dumplings. Shanghai is considered as the major port city that connects east to west for over a hundred years. Today, it is considered as the number one cosmopolitan city in Asia. Shanghai is surrounded by four other major cities, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Wushi, and Ningbo. Because of it’s location, Shanghainese cuisine is influenced by those 4 cities. It uses local ingredients with local seafood and meat from those areas that created an extensive and colorful menu that is loved by people from all over the world.

Ever since David K emigrated to New York with his parents in the early 80’s he was never able to find the same type of Shanghainese cooking that he was accustomed to in Shanghai unless he went back there during family vacations. Then in 1990 David’s aunt known as madam Fu, opened a 2 table restaurant inside the French concession lane house where David grew up.

The restaurant’s Shanghainese inspired cuisine became an instant success, and 25 years later it has become the best Shanghainese restaurant in Shanghai. Today, madam Fu has 3 restaurants, Fu1088, Fu1015, and Fu1039 that won many culinary awards and recognition. It is voted as one of the top 50 restaurants in Asia, and is visited by many movie stars and celebrities.

As New York’s culinary scene exploded in the 2000’s, David’s desire to bring madam Fu’s Shanghainese dining experience to New York grew stronger everyday. Then in 2012 with the urging of his good friend Kangi from Shanghai, they decided to start exploring the possibility of making it happen in New York. Together they sought the help of David’s lifelong friend Jim, and they all agreed that the best location to do it is in Forest Hills, New York. Because both David and Jim grew up in Elmhurst, Queens, they both knew the area very well. David also went to Forest Hills high school and has been living there for 25 years. Forest Hills is the neighborhood that offers the diversity and family values that all 3 partners were looking for.

After deciding on the neighborhood, it took almost 2 years to find the right size and location for the Bund to operate. The premise is located at 100-28 Queens Blvd , right by the 67th AV subway station on the south side of the Blvd. Extensive planning went into the menu selection and interior decoration. First, David and Kangi recruited 2 executive chefs from Madam Fu’s restaurant operation in Shanghai to come and run the kitchen at The Bund. Then they went to Shanghai and spent almost 2 month to gather artworks, furniture, tableware, and decorations to bring to New York. They want The Bund to represent the modern day dining experience in Shanghai today, it will be presented through The Bund’s menu and unique interior design.

It is our pleasure to bring an inspiring authentic Shanghainese cuisine to New York City. We want to thank all of our family and friends for their love and support to make it happen. Hopefully The Bund will bring out the love and excitement from Shanghainese dining to New York.


是一家再1990年成立的上海私房餐厅,它是全中国第一代私人企业管理的餐厅。第一家开在长宁区镇宁路的小洋房里面,当时老板娘福雅芬租了她刚刚移民去美国的邻居孔尊的房子,整个餐厅只有两张餐桌。25年以后福园被成为全上海前三名上海私房餐厅和全中国前十名中餐馆.今天富老板娘在上海开了四家餐饮会所。她收购了第一家饭店的小洋房改称为福1088会所,另外她在愚园路和江苏路上又开了三家私房菜会所福1039,福1069, 福1015和全上海最豪华的素食餐厅。福园的菜是被认为中西混合的上海私房菜,它家最被欢迎的菜包括老上海熏鱼,醉鸡, 红烧肉, 黑椒牛眼粒,茶叶虾,和芥末大虾。 今年福园的一位主厨被邀请到纽约在森林小丘成立了福园在美国合作的第一家上海私房餐厅。合作人就是福老板当年邻居的儿子David 孔。孔先生是1982年从上海移民到美国,一直都是住在纽约。他们全家在森林小丘居住了25年,他觉得只从江浙餐东兴楼在98年关门了以后这个豪华的地区却了一个能让中国人满意的堂吃餐厅。所以当他看到他面前的店面空出了以后他决定回上海把他福阿姨的上海私房菜带到森林小丘来。他邀请了福家餐厅的大厨来到了纽约进过了6个月的装修始终在11用1号把福园在纽约开起来了!

为了把现代上海饮食文化带到纽约,福园的百分之九十的设备是从上海运过来的,包括全套骨瓷餐具,油画,吊灯,和收银台。最主要的是他们对厨房的技术要求是要跟现在上海福餐厅的标准去做。比如他们家的熏鱼是现做现炸的为了保持新鲜脆香的味道。为了他们店里的三黄鸡新鲜入口,孔先生每两天跑去Brooklyn 的活杀鸡厂家去选适合他们标准的凤凰鸡,他们的三黄鸡酱含有十几种保密的配料。福园的指标是在不远的期间把上海的新一代海派菜带给纽约华人市场。

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